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Everyone can sing! We want to renew our welcome to Mums and Dads with small children, young people and simply anyone who enjoys singing
in any style, shape or form. We never audition ANYONE, you’ll find you have a great deal of fun and learn a huge amount.

Please contact Lena with any questions – we’re incredibly flexible - the choirs already consist of people who, over the years,
joined in a variety of ways, are of a range of ages, and ALWAYS have masses of other commitments, which we always take on board.

We absolutely want to do our best to accommodate YOU, and we really want you to come and be part of the beautiful music that is made in
St Nic’s, so the first thing to do is talk to me directly. I can also put you in touch with Becky Matthews and her mum Rachel
who do such wonderful work with the junior choir.

I’m Lena Urquhart – do come and say hello to me or Becky at the end of any service at St Nicolas
or   Send an email.