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Sat 15 February 10.00 – 12.30 Coffee morning
All the firm favourites - Chocolate Guinness Cake, Ginger Cake ,
Coffee Walnut Cake, Carrot
- and the re-appearance of a personal favourite, Bread Pudding!
(Tip - get some as a take-away and have it for dessert with custard or ice-cream.)
This month we also have Chocolate Sponge (gf),
Orange & Ginger Cake (gf), and for those who prefer a savoury
the ever-popular Cheese Scones (gf version available).
Come along to enjoy the food and the company . . .
and don't forget to bring a plastic box for your take-aways!

Sat 21 March 10.00 – 12.30 Coffee morning
19.30 Evening Concert by members of Shoreham Chamber Choir
Music for Spring
A selection of songs and instrumental pieces
Doors open 19.00     Bar available
Free admission    Retiring Collection

Sat 18 April 10.00 – 12.30 Coffee morning
19.30 talk by Father James about the German Resistance in WWII
Doors open 19.00     Bar available

Sat 9 May 19.30
“Please take your feet from off our necks”
The times are slowly changing on the rough and rocky road to equality for women.
In Amaryllis Gunn’s new Anthology we hear the voices of the women and men, too,
who from post WWI & WW2 have made us think, laugh, cry and helped us on our way.

From the suffrage movement to the end of the 1960s,
Amaryllis Gunn, Libby Longhurst and Lucinda Cox
will be sharing the views of Suffragettes and the antis, too.

Women Women ad Women3
Quotes; Headlines; a story from the pen of the great Saki; Poetry and Songs – old and new
and the Voices of women and men – known and perhaps unknown; Extracts; Comedy;
Topics of Fashionable interest and of course, the inevitable Commercial Break!
Bar available
Admission Free - Retiring Collection

Sat 16 May 10.00 – 12.30 Coffee morning

Sat 20 June 10.00 – 12.30 Coffee morning

Sat 18 July 10.00 – 12.30 Coffee morning


Make a note in your diary,and watch this space for more details of the following,
and news about other events being added to the programme

Sat 15 August 10.00 – 12.30 Coffee morning

Sat 19 September 10.00 – 12.30 Coffee morning

Sat 17 October 10.00 – 12.30 Coffee morning and Arts & Crafts Fair

Sat 21 November 10.00 – 12.30 Coffee morning

Sat 5 December 19.00 – 22.00 Patronal Festival Quiz

Sat 12 December 10.00 – 12.30 Coffee morning
Note SECOND Saturday in December


Sat 16 January 10.00 – 12.30 Coffee morning

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